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Tripod Turnstile

  Normally Open
The Treo NO-TT, Normally Open Tripod Turnstile rotates freely during normal operation but locks when attempted unauthorized access is detected.
Low Maintenance cost
Improved MCBF over traditional Normally Closed turnstiles. Wear and tear is greatly reduced as no mechanical parts are in motion at most times.
Low power consumption.
Much more energy efficient than traditional turnstiles during normal operations (7W vs. 50W). The solenoids are not supplied power during normal operation in NO mode.
High throughput.
The cam is free to rotate as long as the appropriate authorization is provided. No delay for locking/closing sequence is required. Contactless ticketing systems can operate at full speed
Silent Operation.
Hydraulic damper smooth out the rotation of the cam. Cam made of high strength polymer reduce noise. Noise is generated by locking solenoid only if unauthorized entry attempts are made.


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