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Speed Gates


  Slim with a small footprint
The E-Lane GR 510 with its patented and mechanism, makes for the slimmest retractable gate in the market Its compact dimension does not sacrifice any of the safety and practical functionality found in a bulkier security gate.
Speed and security
The retractable PC wing forms a secure physical barrier whilst its design of retracting into the cabinet allows it to open at high speed without becoming a safety concern. Backlit option on the barrier wing makes for high visibility while retaining transparency.
Quiet and efficient
The quiet brushless DC motor with the precision control and smooth movement makes for a silent fate for prestigious buildings.
Custom Design
The modularity of the gate allows for the design of the cabinet to be personalized, without impacting the functionality of the gate. Architects and interior designers have the flexibility to create an impressive lobby without conflicting security requirement.

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