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SLIDEDOOR represents the highest quality automatic door systems. Each door can be individually configured. SLIDEDOOR can match changing requirements. Its flexible design enables additional sensors and safety measures (eg. Locks) to be fitted and it can also be used for rescue and escape routes.

Standard Sliding doors 

Slidedoor’s standard range offers a reliable solution for straight-line opening doors suitable for straight opening doors suitable for any location, from discreet access to industrial units to prestigious company offices with their own individual character.

Curved Sliding doors 

An exceptional design does not mean that concessions must be made in terms of system safety or practicality. Even for curved sliding doors, SLIDEDOOR provides top quality drive systems.

Telescopic Sliding doors 

Little space but wide opening requirements? Here SLIDEDOOR telescopic sliding doors come into their own. This highly developed technology operates even in the most demanding long-service conditions, making SLIDEDOOR the epitome of precision.

Angular Sliding doors 

SLIDEDOOR provides the right solution even for doors installed at an angle to each other. With no restrictions, the door system opens and closes, providing the highest levels of safety and convenience.

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