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Security Booths

  High security
Security booths are highly effective deterrent to prevent unauthorized access. The self-managed booth eliminates the need for security guards using an interlocking door system that can accommodate up to 3 levels of verification and a weight detection system to prevent tailgating.
Unlike motorized interlocking doors, security booths are fully integrated units, tested and certified to 1 million cycles of failure free operations. They are easy to install and maintain, requiring only minimal servicing. The integrated design also gives the benefit of a compact footprint for easy installation
Upgradable protection
The standard anti-bandit (P7B UNI EN 356) glass can be upgraded to bulletproof (BR3/S UNI EN 1063) glass. The booth is also designed to accept metal detectors to achieve maximum discrimination and detection
Safety features
The booth complies with most stringent safety norms. In particular, the moving doors are equipped with pneumatic safety edges and a motor torque limiting device to reverse the doors when encountering obstruction


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