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Roof Garden

For more than 40 years, Carlisle’s roofing products have set the standard for durability in a variety of applications. With over 10 billion feet of roofing materials sold, Carlisle continues to lead the single-ply industry with a constant stream of innovative new products.

With the introduction of Roof Garden Systems, Carlisle is able to provide building owners, architects and applicators several options when choosing a roof garden system. 

Carlisle’s Roof Garden Advantage 
Roof gardens are multifaceted systems that take the roof system far beyond just a waterproofing system. The Roof Garden System offers many advantages with some of the more important benefits outlined below. 

Storm Water Management 
Green roofs help alleviate storm water runoff through retention and detention of the rainfall from roofs. This benefit can cut costs associated with required municipal on-site storm water retention.
  Air and Water Purification 
Roof gardens help to purify the air by converting CO2 into oxygen, helping to reduce greenhouse gases. The roof garden soil structure helps to purify the water through filtration and can be designed to provide a method for neutralizing acid rain. 

Provides Sound Insulation 
The growth media, plants and layers of trapped air in a green roof system serve as excellent sound insulators. Tests have shown that green roofs can reduce indoor noise pollution caused by outdoor contributors. 

Extends Roof Life 
Roof gardens can protect roof membranes from ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperature fluctuations and puncture or other physical damage. Minimization of such exposure can improve the long term performance of the roofing system.
  Adds Value Aesthetics 
Green roofs can provide the urban environment with visually pleasing vistas and rooftop gardens. In urban environments, Roof gardens also add value by converting space into areas usable for recreation by the occupants. In such locations, the scarcity of real estate makes the addition of a roof garden for such recreation a competitive alternative. 


Carlisle’s Roof Garden Systems incorporate a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to provide high performance vegetative systems. 

Reduces Urban Heat Island Effects 
Heat islands can occur in large cities where much of the vegetation has been removed and replaced with roads and structures. In such urban areas, studies indicate that weather patterns can be altered by the presence of developed space. Roads and building rooftops absorb a significant amount of heat during the day which, in turn, is radiated back into the atmosphere, causing further warming. Roof gardens help insulate and shade buildings, and the plants on green roofs transpire, thereby cooling the atmosphere around them. 


Carlisle’s Roof Garden GreenGrid® System

offers distinct advantages over more complex systems with its simplicity in design, pre-planted modules and movable modular features. 

  • Single source responsibility. Roofing contractors can install both the waterproofing and the Roof Garden System in one installation
  • No planting on the roof. Trays are pre-planted before arriving at the jobsite including the root barrier, soil media and plants
  • The trays can be easily removed for a roof repair
  • Building owners obtain single source warranty coverage
  • Easy to handle and fast to install
  • Tray is a cost competitive alternative


Standard GreenGrid System includes:

  • Tray depth: 4"
  • 4" tray - weighs 15 psf (fully saturated with water)
  • Tray sizes: 2' x 4', 2' x 2' (fill product), 40" x 40" (larger designs)
  • Plantings: Sedum


Special Order

  • Tray depth: 8"
  • 8" tray - weighs 28 psf (fully saturated with water)
  • Tray sizes: 2' x 4', 2' x 2', 40" x 40"
  • Plantings: Sedum, other plants and special pattern


  • Pavers
  • Edging Systems

Carlisle’s Traditional Roof Garden Systems

Carlisle also offers a broad array of traditional Roof Garden Systems that incorporate a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to provide a high performance system that can be integrated with a landscape architect’s garden design. This includes a range of membranes that carry up to a 20 year warranty.


Shallow Assembly
Medium Assembly
Deep Assembly
  1. Growth Media
  2. Moisture Retention Mat
  3. Drainage Board
  4. Protection Fabric
  5. Sure-Seal® EPDM or Sure-Weld® TPO Fully-Adhered Membrane
  6. 1/2" DensDeck™ Prime
  7. Approved Insulation
  8. Substrate

1. Growth Media 
2. Moisture Retention Mat 
3. Drainage Board 
4. 40-mil Root Barrier 
5. Protection Fabric 
6. Sure-Seal® EPDM or 
    Sure-Weld® TPO 
    Fully-Adhered Membrane 
7. 1/2" DensDeck Prime 
8. Approved Insulation 
9. Substrate


1. Growth Media

2. Filter Fabric

3. Drainage Media/Gravel

4. Protection Fabric

5. 40-mil Root Barrier

6. Extruded Polystyrene Insulation with 

    Drainage Channels

7. Sure-Seal® EPDM or  

    Sure-Weld® TPO  

    Fully-Adhered Membrane

8. 1/2" DensDeck Prime

9. Approved Insulation

10. Substrate


Protection Fabrics
 - Carlisle CCW 200V (12 oz / sq. yd.) and 300HV (16 oz / sq. yd.) are polypropylene non-woven needle-punched fabrics, which are stabilized to resist soil chemicals, mildew, insects and are non-biodegradable. Available in rolls 40" in width by 200' in length. 
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