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Full Height Security

The FH 110 offers optimal control for the perimeter security in a basic but robust package. It is used in areas where emphasis is placed on controlling unsupervised access.

The FH 110 is basic security product is suitable for most perimeters or buildings and matches any surrounding environment thanks to its versatile finishing and construction.

The FH 110 is available with 3 full height wings on the central rotor. It offers a comfortable 120° passage space while maintaining a high degree of security.

Available in a variety of durable finishes for different applications, the basic powder coated or galvanized version is particularly suitable for outdoor installations, whereas the full stainless steel version is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The full stainless steel version can also be constructed using SUS 316 grade stainless steel for highly corrosive, outdoor environments.

  FH 1100
  The FH 110 is a manually operated Full Height Turnstile that is electrically controlled for passage in both directions. It can be fitted with accessories such as high visibility traffic lights, external roof, card reader stand and alarms for both indoors and outdoors.

The FH 110 is ideal for controlling premises with a wide perimeter or
with multiple dispersed entrances such as sporting venues, indoor parking lots, recreation and amusement parks, manufacturing facilities or office campuses.



Technical Specifications
Description: Full Height Turnstile with 3 rotor wings set 120° apart.
Manually operated, electrically controlled
Bi-directional travel with independent functional mode
Functional Mode: Passage in both directions is electronically controlled. Each
direction can be separately configured to
  • Lock (the turnstile does not rotate in the direction where mode is set).
  • pen (the turnstile rotates freely in the direction where
    mode is set).
  • Controlled (the turnstile is locked and can be rotated after receiving an authorized signal).
Operation: The FH 110 unlocks when an authorized signal is received from the access controller after a valid ID or ticket is presented (Supplied by others). It can also be unlocked by depressing a casework or remote reception push button, if fitted.

This will release the mechanism locking solenoids and render the unit ready for use. The user rotates the rotor arm of the unit manually whilst walking through the walkway passage in the authorized direction.

Time out: Should the user decide not to proceed with the passage, the locking solenoid will remain unlocked for a predetermined time after which it will “time out” and reset the unit making it available for the next person.
Power failure /
Fire alarm:
The gate can be easily configured by the user to behave in either Fail Safe Open (FSO) or Fail Safe Lock (FSL) during emergency or power failure.

In the event of an emergency or isolation of power supply, the unit will revert to the Fail Safe setting. Input available for voltage free contact (supplied by others) to effect fire alarm.

Traffic Light: Traffic light mounted at the top of the turnstile signals passage availability. Green means lane is available. Red signifies lane is unavailable. A fault will trigger the traffic light to flash in Red.
Remote Control: A remote controller with pushbuttons can be connected to the
turnstile to grant single passage.
Power rating: Power rating 250VA.

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