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The highest safety, as standard in the SWINGDOOR range you will find the right drive for any type of swing door. Operating almost unnoticeably, SWINGDOOR drives are extremely easy to service, whilst of course safety comes as standard with TORMAX. 

Automatic detection of obstacles, safe manual operation in the event of a power failure and the capability of fitting the doors with a panic device for use as an escape route are only some of the many safety characteristics of the SWINGDOOR. 

Installation is possible on the lintel, on the door leaf or even under the floor, taking minimum time to fit, either when installing new doorsor re-equippng existing ones.
Standard swing doors 

Do you wish to automate an existing door? Or install a new swing door in limited space? SWINGDOOR operators integrate high-quality door automation systems with standard swing doors.

Double swing doors 

As for standard swing doors, a wear-resistant, microprocessor-controlled drive operates double swing doors. Requiring only one drive, both doors are simultaneously controlled, synchronizing movement perfectly.

Invisible drive unit 

If an unobtrusive door automation solution is required, SWINGDOOR can provide the answer with a drive unit sunk into the floor. Exerting force directly on the pivot, the drive quietly operates through an electro-hydraulic mechanism, invisibly opening and closing the door.


TORMAX revolving doors provide lasting appeal. This is ensured by superb and consistent quality and the uncompromising safety measures provided by “factory integrated safety” which cleverly combines and coordinates such varied safety features as speed limitation, emergency brake, safe starting, finger protection and submits them to systematic factory checks. 

However, there is still plenty of scope for your particular design requirements, we will be happy to integrate them into our product thanks to our flexible manufacturing processes and the door’s modular construction. Our range includes both manual and fully-automatic doors with diameters from 1.8m to 6.2m.


The aluminium profiles and the low canopy compartment provide an impression of lightness and balance. The CLASSIC small models are suitable for doors up to 4m diameter. The drive can be installed either above or below the door. The CLASSIC large models cover the size range from 3.6m t 6.2m diameter. They are fitted with “break-out” safety hinges and can be spplied with a display case at the customer’s option.

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